Our company always adheres to the principle of customer first service. In order to ensure the good quality of products and high quality after-sales service, we make the after-sales service commitment as following:

  • All the products enjoy one year warranty and full life maintenance.
  • Free system management and control software upgrade services.
  • Since the day that checks and accept qualification from complete project, we provide 12 months warranty . During this period, all the hardware and software of the equipment due to quality problems or unqualified parts are freely and timely processed by our company. SPOTMEDIA will assign senior engineer within 24 hours if users think that there is a need for an on-site technical personnel to provide technical support.
  • We will provide free training and guidance services to users; system equipment operation and daily maintenance work also can be authorized by the trained and qualified users of their own technical personnel responsible for it.
  • All the technical services after installation, will be our after-sales service personnel to provide preventive equipment maintenance and local after-sales service.
  • Product components and other perishable products are ready in after-sales service center , it can timely replace the bad parts of product for customer, to ensure the normal operation of the system.
  • We will provide long-term follow-up maintenance and technical support for all products. Free software upgrade services, hardware upgrades,only charge the cost.
  • For irresistible factors and break by user, external force extrusion, improper use or poor storage and other equipment damage caused by human factors, will not be free warranty.


After the warranty period, we will continue to offer a lifetime technical support and maintenance services for users, such as on-site maintenance services and component replacement services. Specific operation methods for equipment maintenance is charge cost only, first maintenance cost quotations will be provided to users, and equipment will be maintained after quotation confirmed.

Digital signage multimedia display terminal products: 1 year warranty for entire machine.
Security multimedia display terminal products: 1 year warranty for entire machine.
Large screen display terminal products: 1 year warranty for entire machine.
LCD video wall display products: 1 year warranty for entire machine.
Other peripheral equipment: 1 year.

After Sales

  • Access To Customer Service

    User →Customer service hotline→Accept customer requirements, create customer data base→Engineer visiting service→Service Feedback

  • After-sale Service

    Our after-sale service center has a professional and technical service team, superb technique, professional ability, has rich experience in maintenance and support.

  • Accept Service

    In order to obtain the customer service requirement info and make service response in time, our multimedia set up client call center and open unified national service hotline accept our multimedia users’ pre-sales consulting, questions in use, after-sales maintenance demands etc.

  • On-Site Service

    The service management center will contact the users as soon as possible after receiving the task dispatch, and do service respond according to the users’ service demand, to provide the standard, high efficient home service, to meet the service needs of the users

  • After-sales Maintenance Process

    Accept maintenance task→Home service booking→door-to-door service→If maintenance in warranty? (Agree Pay-needed maintenance or not ?)→Repair→Services completed

  • Service Feedback

    After completed service, The Authorized service providers will serve the result feedback to SPOTMEDIA customers through SPOTMEDIA customer service management system.

  • Information Processing

    Our multimedia service engineer or customer representative receive user’s calls, processing user’s info,setting up user date base according to the service demand of user, and transferring user service demand to the service center by multimedia customer service management system.

  • Users Return Visit

    Our customer service management system will make a return visit after completion the service, supervise service respond quality and collect user feedback, Input user information file, to service quality analysis, follow- up service, value-added service provide data support.

In addition, our company also provide below technical support and maintenance:

  • Document update and maintenance industry knowledge training service.
  • Provide software patches and enhancements to the software version.
  • Advance notification service.
  • Provide high quality hardware maintenance services.
  • Provide preventive maintenance and regular customer return visit service.
  • Addition equipment hardware, software installation and maintenance, two computer hot backup, version upgrade, online training service.
  • System construction advisory services.