They are an ideal, time proven way of displaying eye-catching images, logos, names & designs on the high street. We have our own range of aluminium lightbox extrusions in house ready for manufacture to your specifications.
Single sided or double, wall mounted, projecting, hanging or even free standing, this versatile sign system is the ideal solution when you need a bright illuminated display.
We use fluorescent tubes or LEDs as required.
We supply: RGB Colour Changing Lightboxes, Shaped Lightboxes and Circular Lightboxes.

More technical info about Led frames and Lightbox can be found in the catalog at Download Center.

Transparent Led

SPOTMEDIA Offers the only of its kind: Transparent screen glass to be implemented as Wall or normal stand. Our premier transparent LCD Panels allow a complete and powerful digital output while maintaining the transparency of a standard glass panel.
Whether it’s a storefront window, refrigerator door, or tabletop, our glass wall can be implemented anywhere. Revolutionize any plain surface with a visually appealing, modern aesthetic, while keeping it functional and fun.

More info about the Transparent Led can be found in the catalog at the Download Center.